Start up internet radio station seeks volunteer DJs in most formats

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Angelo Sydney, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Angelo Sydney

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    WHIPPET RADIO is live and transmitting, but only in 'test' mode. We need volunteer DJs to join us on the ground floor from day one. You could compile/present music in petty much any style and/or produce talk shows on pretty much any topic. But no foul language. Your location in the world is no problem, but we need English-speakers only. I can talk with you in Skype and would love to hear a demo file if you have one. ALL time slots are open at this stage if you go live. Otherwise just pre-record. I hope to hear from you soon
  2. Bigmac3388

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    I run a internet radio station myself and do shows. I run Heat FM. I would like to simulcast on your station. I do a show Saturday mornings U.S. east coast time at 10am. Also I would love to join your station and help manage things and get your station going.

    Please contact me asap.
  3. Angelo Sydney

    Angelo Sydney New Member

    Thanks BigMac. Am interested in you simulcasting on Whippet in your Saturday time-slot. I suggest a short chat over SKYPE to make things happen more smoothly. I am in Eastern Australia 10 hours behind you (but a day ahead). My Skype Addie is Angelo.Sydney1.
  4. hi what is your website please as i would be willing to be a presenter and have a demo available
  5. Angelo Sydney

    Angelo Sydney New Member

    The website is presently under construction. So the site itself is pretty much empty and we haven't even set up email. But if you like, by all means, send a demo file to my temporary email address
  6. Kim Garcha

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    Hey ,

    I am very new to this website and just wanted to know more about dj's and radio presenting.
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