On Sunday 13th January I will be launching my new reggae show on Reggae Music
I am offering the show (recorded) out for syndication worldwide and will be promoting the show extensively to my already existing listener base.
For the information of interested parties. I formerly had a long running reggae show on Galaxy Gold Radio, and that show also went out on a top London reggae station together with the reggae station I co-owned at that time before deciding to retire in 2014 after artist management wiped me out financially, (long painful story not to be repeated) I am only interested in syndicating my show to established stations who are interested in a long term relationship. I do a lot of artist promotion which can also benefit your station too especially if you do interviews. If you would like to host a reggae show that is, I have been told, amongst the best in the genre, then give me a shout because long term this show could be to your financiial benefit. Serious replies only please.

ZANJ Radio

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Hello, we had a listen to your show after visiting your website and we would be interested in adding your show to our station. Is there an email through which we could contact you? You can also visit our website to get an idea of our station as well


Very proud to announce that from next and every Monday 21st January at 8a.m. UTC my show will be airing on based in Stoney Hill, St Andrew, Jamaica. and with listeners now approaching 500 in just 3 days I am on course to reach 1,000 by this coming Sunday night thanks to social media.