Still Limited To 5 Listeners After Upgrade To PAYG

On 25/6 I kicked of a 7 day trial, on 27/06 I went to PAYG streaming. However, on 29/06 I still appear to be limited to 5, despite my maximum [in Overview] stating 500. I have never seen the listener numbers go over 5, and the Shoutcast Admin Panel clearly states 4 of 5, or 5 of 5, etc. The Shoutcast Admin Panel also states a peak of 5 listeners, yet [depending upon which Control Panel Login page I look at] I have had a peak of 10 to 15 times that.

My concern is that I am still, indeed, limited to 5 listeners, not the 500 the PAYG plan provides (not that I expect to have that many just yet), and that if I'm correct this seriously limits the potential to grow the station. Confirming this was that, as test, I attempted to launch the stream, with 5 listeners at the time, but it took several attempts, and after getting it to play and checking the Internet-Radio Control Panel, found I was now listener 5. This tells me I could only join after another listener left the stream.

Also, the Shoutcast Admin panel states the stream as 'Private' (not listed. I assume this is either a setting I have yet to locate, or refers to the stream not yet being listed on Shoutcast.


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Hi 131WebRadio,

We suggest just fully stopping and then restarting the server. It's likely this is needed for your upgrades new configuration to take full effect. We would do this for you ourselves but you currently have listeners connected that we do not wish to disrupt.

In regards to the stream being private you just need to set up your Shoutcast Authhash settings with Shoutcast themselves in order to make this public for their own directories. This is not essential for being listed in our directory though! Please see the following guide:“authhash”-for-shoutcast-v2-servers.21409/