Streaming Over HTTPS.


Looking through these messages, I am surprised that no-one else seems to have experienced this issue, nor am I sure this is the right forum to post to, but one has to start somewhere?!

Unless all Internet Radio service Managers are expert at Linux and Widows, or use Third Party providers for their streams, not sure what the situation is?!

I run a self-managed server, running Widows 7, using both SHOUT and Icecast streams, along with a Website using Apache 2.4.4, and have been badly hit by the update to Google Chrome, which means that if an end-user is surfing to your site, and attempts to open either stream, unless they are using an S.S.L., these will not be sent via HTTPS, but by HTTP, and users will see lots of warning signs about taking risks visiting the Website, and opening the stream, etc.

After a lot of effort and work, I have managed to obtain the certifcates for the server, but not the audio streams.

From what I can gather, Icecast does support S.S.L., but only on Widows, SHOUTcast, only on Linux - and even then one has to know a fair amount about Linux to install and configure satisfactorily.

Has anyone else experienced this, or similar solutions, and if so, what would you advise please?

Thanks for your time.


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We were using a http stream link and we just asked out provider to switch it to https and they did, added a ssl to the website too and all the warnings went and google no longer warn it’s not secure. Suppose it’s a bit differ if you stream from your own servers.