Syntax Error while uploading MP3 songs to Auto-Dj

Greetings guys.
We cannot upload any MP3s to our auto DJ without having a message about a syntax error: bad JSON bad response unnexpected token at position 0

Please fix this error.
Thank you.


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Hi Megaton Cafe,

Sorry to hear that you are having this problem. We'll take a look into this for you and get back to you shortly.
I just tried it again, and still the same error, and we have a big update to do.
Also i would assume that, paying near $200.00 a month, we would have a working platform right? Not having to upload via FTP?
Because if it is the case, i will ask you to reduce our monthly payment thank you.


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You can also upload files to your server account via FTP transfer using a an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client such as the free Filezilla.

Your settings to connect via FTP can be found in your control panel under the 'Quick Links' section.


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No not at all, where did I state that you needed to deal with it?

This was just advice for a temporary solution until we can figure out the issue here when uploading files from the control panel. We had this come up once before a few months back with another account and at the time we raised a support ticket with Centovacast about it. Unfortunately they never replied back to us with a solution and it eventually seemed to fix itself anyway. So we will need to look into this again and get back to you as I said in my first reply!
Almost 5 years with you! And all we receive for such a critical issue is an anonymous tech lvl 1
We spent near $12.000.00 here, have thousands of fans waiting from 102 countries.
Honestly Internet Radio is not professional at all, this problem should be fixed by now.
I am gonna give you until tomorrow to fix this, or we will take our business elsewhere. Enough of this nonsense.
As this problem persists, and after contacting our business associates and affiliates, we've decided to to block any payments directly from our bank account on the due date, until fixed. If this problem persists without any real solutions besides for us having to use FTP through a 3rd party software, our partnership with Internet Radio will stop on June 18th 2019.

Unfortunately, all we received so far were vague answers about Centova Cast, about a problem which happened in the past but was never answered as it "fixed itself" eventually. For a an important business such as us, this is unacceptable, considering there is also no business support here either and only regular anonymous "level 1" communication for such a critical problem, it is now time for us to seriously consider moving on with a real professional business partner.

We encountered many problems in the past here, but usually they were handled with care, and the problems were fixed usually pretty fast. However, the answers we received for this particular problem now, were not satisfactory and professional. Internet Radio is a good platform, we've been with you guys for almost 5 straight years, but unfortunately, for growing businesses and such, it lacks professional support.

Thank you.

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Hi Rob

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this with a more detailed response. I assure you we have been working on this issue today and over the last weekend. Have you managed to get FTP access working OK? If so then this really shouldn't be such a big deal as your making out. It might be slightly inconvenient but it shouldn't stop you from managing your AutoDJ files.

We're still waiting on Centova to try and find a solution to this. Interestingly it only appears to have affected yourself and one other client so far. Centova suspect it's something database related and initially recommended we run a repair on the whole database. I'm able to run repairs on most of the database but it hasn't solved the issue. As we host so many radio stations (possibly one of the largest according to Centova) our database is 38 GB which according to my tests will take over an hour to run a repair on all the tables with no guarantee to fix the issue. As it's only affecting 2 users so far I'm reluctant to bring the whole control panel down for everyone and disrupt service with an hours downtime at such short notice when there's a simple work around by using an FTP client.

Moving forward, while we wait for a (hopefully simple) solution from Centova I'm preparing an upgraded control panel installation. This will allow me to run a fix on the database and upgrade the machine at the same time (something we've been meaning to do for a while). We have some scheduled downtime coming up to patch the MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU vulnerability and I reckon I can do it at the same time, minimising even more potential downtime for everyone. If I have any bright ideas in the meantime I'll obviously try those too and maybe I'll figure something out before Centova.

I appreciate you're annoyed and frustrated but rest assured we are working on this. As soon as I have some more information I'll post it in this thread. I understand you've cancelled your subscription which is due tomorrow so just be aware that your account will likely be suspended by the system for non-payment not long after. Obviously not what we want but I just wanted to give you a heads up that you should be prepared for that.

Kind regards

Thank you for the professional answer. We didn't close our account, but gave a heads up to our bank to close it after the 18th if we couldn't get a real answer to this problem. The answer we just received from you is clear and detailed, thank you very much for that. Also thanks to you Jim, much appreciated. We will keep our account open and running, and will wait for a fix and update on this issue.