The Coast of Ghristmas


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In 1994, Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center in Mobile, Alabama created the first "Christmas on the Coast" limited edition Christmas ornaments to sell as a fundraiser. The first ornament featured the Middle Bay Lighthouse which was created using the artwork of "B" Sumrall. The first series had a limited edition of 2,000 made and sold in the same year. Because of its popularity, the second and following years the limited edition number was increased to 5,000, and increased again in 2008 to 10,000. "B" continues to donate her artwork each year for the newest ornament. These landmarks have included "The Sand Island Lighthouse", "Bienville Square", "GM&O Railroad", "Oakleigh at Christmas", "Richards DAR House", "The Battlehouse", "The Nettie Quill Steamboat", "The Grand Hotel", "The Middle Bay Lighthouse", and "The Dog River Bridge".