The Fastest growing Old School Hip Hop , Classic R&B Radio Show is seeking New Radio Stations


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The Strictly POLITICAL SHOW WITH DJ POLITIC is seeking affiliates to join our Network
The Strictly Political Show has been on the air since September of 2016 , the show became syndicated on October 2018 , when the first syndicated show went live we had 15,000 listeners inside of two hours , since then we have seen 1.4 million listeners inside of two hours ,the show airs each and every Saturday from 1pm until 3pm and on Legal Crime Radio from 8pm until 10 pm ( Keep in mind those are two different shows )
The Flagship Station for the STRICTLY POLITICAL SHOW IS WHRFM 91.5 out of Stroudsburg Pa , on the internet @ world hype radio each show is Live there are no pre records , ( Unless I am on vacation or on tour ) . The 1pm show is FCC Compliant .

We are seeking affiliates and Corporate Sponsors to join our Network ,

if you are interested in becoming either an affiliate or sponsor please email @ DJPOLITIC12@GMAIL.COM