The Knight Fan Stan Show looking for a new home !

I'm KFS aka Knight Fan Stan and currently looking for a new home for my Knight Fan Stan Show.

Based out of Orlando, Fl, I'm the super fan of UCF Knights football and other sports.

Have been a internet radio personality since 2006 and have had shows on and recently,

My shows ran from 8:00 pm - 12:00 am , Thursday - Monday. I'm a little flexible on time slots.

A music variety show that played Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, Mainstream. But mostly Classic Rock.

I also do phone interviews as well and have a KFS UCF Talk segment.

Was all pre-recorded and sent in as a MP3 file. Called KFS liners.

I discuss most UCF Knights stuff, but also discuss at times other florida sports teams as well

Orlando Sky was dubbed as a Vacation Station, so based out Orlando, I received local as well as tourist listeners abroad and in USA.

My email is to discuss and I could send you some sample liners to listen.

I'm also heavy on advertising on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus.

Also have car wrap banners on my car promoting the station.

I own a printing company as well producing offset and digital printing, signs, banners, large format, promo products and shirts.

Lets talk,



hello there we are looking for someone like your self to host a talk show. we play mostly drum&bass music through the week and weekends we play anything from 50's to 90's pop and rock we are fairly new at the moment but we are growing everyday. if you are interested please contact me so we can speak more about this.. cheers :D /
Looking for a time slot 8:00 pm est to 12:00 am est, Thursday - Sunday. A little flexible. All my KFS Shows are pre-recorded liners with music
variety. I'm very consistent, hard worker, and communicate. I can send demo liners for you to listen.

I also try and do what is called a KFS interview that brings people to discuss, sports, music and hobbies.

I would be a good fit for a internet station that is looking to be in the tourist , Orlando, Florida area ( Disney World )

But have listeners all over the world. In my previous KFS Shows, stations would also run commercials which I liked.

Have a lot to offer because I also handled some social media, promoting on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Cheers, KFS
Thanks to the stations that have reached out so far the last few days. Looking for the best fit and my shows are pre-recorded with liners.

Keep the offers coming !!

Happy Holidays,