The New Station on the block! Needs you!


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Good morning to you all!

Currently in the process of recruiting volunteers for a brand new radio station (looking to go paid in the future).

The station with feature only UK top 40 / chart music (think Capital) with the possibility of a Dance show on weekend evenings.

- Fully licensed station
- Monthly giveaways (for your show and across the network)
- Ad revenue scheme

If your interested please comment below!.
Please note we have about 8 weeks run time. - open to UK natives only please.

To the old friends from radio, hello again!

Sean Wilkie

I am looking to dj my rock show live on WED or Fri nights from 7pm to 10pm CST time. I have 28 years in the industry as a rock singer, dj and owner. Most all my music is tagged and I use VDJ. I do cuss on air and my songs are not radio edit as I listen to Octane and that is what I am my show is called the Disciples of Rock and my dj name is Cru. So if interested hit me up at again I work for free so only will follow basic rules if you want to pay me I will cater to your needs. I do have a few shows that u can listen to. Sorry dont know top 40 UK bullshit, but I know how to talk on air and dj the latest in rock.