Tired of Overproduced Music? Volunteer as a Presenter at Cowboy's Juke Joint!

Hey! We're on the lookout for some awesome volunteer radio presenters to join our crew at Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio.

A bit about me: I love gaming and music, but a few years ago, I got tired of all the overproduced, samey-sounding music on the radio. So, I started my own show, which grew into the radio station we have today. We've been rocking since 2016 and have about 1,000 listeners tuning in every month.

At our station, we play tunes from unsigned or lesser-known artists in all sorts of rock genres—stoner rock, psychedelic rock, desert rock, fuzz rock, heavy blues, doom, heavy psych, and more. We dig bands with a classic rock vibe or a rock sound with bluesy elements, like All Them Witches.

We don’t do commercialized, overproduced stuff. Instead, we spotlight new and indie bands from all over the globe. Our current live presenters, who’ve been with us for years, have the freedom to explore within these boundaries. One show is all about stoner rock, while the other mixes raw country, pop, and metal all in one go.

We're looking for folks to fill 2-hour timeslots. If you're interested, hit us up at cowboysjukejoint@gmail.com.

Cowboy's Juke Joint Radio
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