Top-rated Alternative Rock Internet Radio Looking for Talent


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We're looking for on-air personalities who would like to host a show on our station!
We are one of the top rated Alternative Rock internet radio stations in the world with over 50,000 listeners a month!
You will be GUARANTEED to have people listening to your show!

-Working PC, microphone and great collection of Alternative Rock records!
-We will provide software if required, if not, you can use what you're experience with, as long as it connects to our server.
-We are an Alternative Rock station and would love shows revolved around our genre, but we will consider other genres
-We prefer DJ's who have experience in internet radio because of our listener volume!
-Someone who wants to have fun and interact with our listeners! :D

-You can accommodate your show with your busy schedule! We run on Auto DJ most of the day so having an on-air talent is a treat
-Shows at certain times may be required to play certain songs from our playlist

We are based in the United States, and you'll get to work with a great team!

No pay as always, but you'll have a great time!

Email for more information!

Have a great day!