Trying to stream AAC

I think my station could benefit by dropping the bitrate to 48k AAC, but for some reason the AAC encoder no longer works for me.
Im using Winamp latest beta, and Shoutcast DSP 1.9. I tried changing to the latest dns 2.35 I think it is, and AAC would not work for me using that either.
It used to work, but doesnt anymore.

Has anyone else had this problem? What do you guys use to stream AAC? thanks


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You should be fine with mp3 or even try mp3 pro. But mp3 64kbps is similar to fm. You should be fine at 96k or 128. As long as you have a good internet connection with an upload speed of 30mpbs or greater
64k mp3 is the same quality as FM broadcast? I would hate to listen to that!

128k mp3 (stereo) is similar to FM, nothing less with mp3.

64k aac+ is similar to 128k mp3.

You can't stream with mp3pro to a shoutcast server either, plus mp3pro is an incredibly old codec, not to mention an abandoned one too!

@ Mystery Radio, An Icecast server is required if you want to stream 48k AAC+ without paying now.