UK Based Experienced DJ - Looking For A New Home For His Show


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I've been hosting a show on Saturday evenings on the UK's fastest growing radio station (Fylde Coast Radio), but feel the stations audience is not the right one, for what I'm playing.
The show is called Retro Nouveau, where I play the best of the weeks new releases, mixed in with some themed classics.
I've also been getting interviews with up and coming artists as well as getting special guests live on the show too.
Here is an example of a typical show:
Retro Nouveau - With Robert Parker Interview

I'm UK based, active on social media and have SAM Pro and a robust internet pipe that allows me to stream at up to 320 Kbps.
I'm also a music producer, under the moniker "Villarosso" and am adept at creating jingles and adverts.

I work full time, so I'm looking for a weekend slot and am not looking to get paid.

If you have any interest, please do contact me:

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We have slots on sat before 9 pm or Sunday before 7 pm, take a look at our website and tune in,
Great platform for your music and a great listener base too. ( not to mention great presenters)
Check out my We are a new station, but we are growing rapidly...We do it for the music...My name is Letitia..If you are interested, contact us. We are a great group of peeps. We do it for the music. And let me tell you, we rock..I do hope to hear from you.
You can also contact me on my