intermittent buffering & stream loss


Hi we are getting intermittent buffering & stream loss on same as it was doing a few months back... can someone at support check this, MTR shows packet loss, ive attached doc


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I'm on the uk6 server and experiencing the same issues, intermittent streaming, and network outage errors.
must be the same data center having issues, seems every weekend now theres a problem.. & thats when we do most our live broadcasts :( there needs to be some kind of support over the weekends as im sure alot of stations are at their most busiest.. or doing live broadcasts


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It is a DDOS attack against the servers ;) Check your logs and you'll see loads of connections coming in, the latest one is from

uk2 & uk7 here btw


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Apologies for the inconvenience guys. Our data centre provider was experiencing some connectivity issues at their London data centre since yesterday afternoon. This is where all of our UK servers are hosted. This was not a DDOS attack!

From the updates we receive this has now been marked as resolved as of the early hours of this morning.