Urgent: Blank Pages in Centovacast


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Hi, I've tested this in Chrome and Firefox and it's working ok for me. I would sugest clearing your web browsers cache and trying again.



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Thanks for looking into this.
I tried clearing CACHE for all browsers, it did not work.
I have a strong feeling that this is related to FLASH and I quote:
" A number of gaming, education, and video sites still use Flash, and Adobe says it remains committed to supporting the technology until 2020 alongside partners like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Microsoft says it plans to disable Flash by default in Edge and Internet Explorer in mid to late 2019, with a full removal from all supported versions of Windows by 2020"
I do have a workaround by using COMODO IceDragon browser and it works fine.
If I solve the issue with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, I will update this thread.