USB Audio Wireless FM Transmitter

We supply a USB audio transmitter that enables you to transmit any audio stream from your computer to a radio or hi.

It changes the audio stream into FM.

It is perfect for people who listen to online radio stations,iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and so on. We are also selling them to schools.The device enables you to listen with crisp and clear hi fi or radio speakers instead of the computer's speakers. It also allows the flexibility to listen in other rooms.

Customers for this product have come to us for this from as far afield as Australia, Mexico and Brazil as well as most of Europe.

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We are based in the UK

So what your saying is, correct me if your wrong but it converts our internet radio stream into FM radio? So for example could i tune into the frequency on my hifi or in a car radio?
USB audio transmitter


Yes...the USB enables you to transmit any audio stream from your computer to a radio or hifi. A small piece of software needs to be installed, you then select a frequency in the dashboard that shows up on your computer ( between 76 and 108 KHz ) and retune your radio to the same frequency. The transmission converts the stream into FM on your radio.

This will enable you to listen to say, internet radio, anywhere in your home or office. You can also listen on wireless headphones which we also supply or indeed in the car as you suggest.

If you would like anymore information, please let me know.