Veteran Broadcaster/Newbee on this server (can't get a start up)

I must admit I've never had major issues like this before. After doing this a few times I figured it would be easy but apparently I'm doing something wrong. I just came on board over the weekend and I cannot for the life of be get the server started for live broadcasting. I've sent quit a few emails but I guess no one works on the weekends. I've followed the instructions fully, even loaded a few files into the autodj to see if I could at least get a trigger to start the serve but to no avail. I've checked the logs and because it's never started for me there is no log. What am I missing here?
Here's some additional info. Under diagnostic details:
Log has not been created, which may indicate a permissions problem or
an inability to run the external application. Consult the Centova Cast
knowledge base.

Under status change: Stream could not be started: Could not start server: output follows.

I've looked up issues relative to this and read somewhere about a 32bit library where I would have to log-in as an admin and then go through some steps.
#1, I can't even find where to go with that. the only admin I could find was their mock set up. Kind of at a loss here. Great thing about it is that I'm still on the air on my old sever.

Any clues or help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Hi Ed,

We are ever ever so sorry for the delay in our reply. We have been very busy the last few days and we would never normally take this long to respond.

We have now fixed this for you. The server you are hosted on (US4) was only set up the other day and it appears as though we had missed a program on the new install in error. We just needed to install the 32 bit libraries.

We really apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.