Veteran 'Net Personality DJ Looking for Oldies Station

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Boogeyin' Ben Shutt, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Boogeyin' Ben Shutt

    Boogeyin' Ben Shutt New Member

  2. DJRambo

    DJRambo New Member

    Email us at Would love to have you on board Or contact me at skype: dj.rambouif

    also the website at give us a little look! We specialize in oldies and anything groovy. just anything to enjoy
  3. Nightrider

    Nightrider Member

    Rockin' Round The Clock Radio, On air for 3 years now @ we are presently looking for DJ's for an internet radio. Only requirements are PC with Windows 7 or better. Classic Rock/ Rock, Country, R & B Oldies.and all in between. We just a few spots left as we are growing fast
    This is not a paid gig. We are a non-profit station. Please Skype DJ Rock @ therock201399 or My E-Mail ty. If you have the Love of Music, and People come and have some FUN with us.:)

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