Voluntary DJ'S Wanted For Online Radio!

We Are Currently Hiring Voluntary DJ'S/Presenters
To Join Our Wonderful Powerful Online Station.
We Are A Friendly Bunch, We Also Welcome New People.

So Without Further Ado If You Are Interest Please Comment!
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Hi there infectedgamer this is wonderful that you have had the time to write back lol yea were a on going growing online radio, we would love for you to join our team. We are always welcoming new people to our team :) so yea our station is called urban8radio, we play a variety of different music. But we welcome new and exciting music as well :) @InfectedGamer hope you can reply and join us
Ok we will ask you to friend us on Facebook and we will put you in our group. And our tech will set you up with our encoder? Then from there we will ask you what times and days you will be available to do. @InfectedGamer
If you could setup an account then yes please, then we will add you to our group. I also forgot to say as well that it is vital for our djs/presenters to advertise there shows as well once on air with urban

DJ Automix

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I do a pre recorded dance music Radio show once a week on an internet station and am very keen to get my show played on other dance music internet stations. I hope I can be any help


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Hi I’m also interested i am a hip hop focused Dj based on Maryland, USA. I would be happy to volunteer services to your station. I have over 20,000 new school and old school hip hop songs as well as billboard top 40s selections updated weekly to keep up with the demand for new and quality music.