Wanted DJ's for a established internet radio station

Discussion in 'Volunteering' started by Nightrider, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Nightrider

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    Looking For Internet Dj's..... We're flexible for show times go to http://www.rockinroundtheclockradio.com/. Put an application in or Add me to SKYPE therock201399 and we can talk. Or my e-mail is rockinrichie57@yahoo.com If you haven't ever thought about becoming a radio presenter and want to try it out for a bit of fun then we're the place for you. We will be more than happy for some new faces to come on board and help expand the station. We have been running for 3 + years. We are looking for DJs from around the WORLD be part of our family. We have DJ's from UK, AUSTRALIA, NETHERLANDS, FLORIDA, JAMAICA, MICHIGAN, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, and growing day by day. This is not a paid gig. Great for people retired or disabled and LOVE MUSIC & PEOPLE very fun GIG and get to meet some new friends. We are a Family station Ty Rock!!
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    I have sent you an email
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    Hi, ya don"t know why but np give me your Skype nic I will add you, can come into my main page @ http://www.rockinroundtheclockradio.com/ And put in an application in on top of the page. When I get it will add you be glad to talk to ya ty Rock [​IMG]

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