We need DJs or Stations to Participate in competition

Dear Presenters,

Please take note that it has been decided by Have A Blast radio (HAB) that on the day of the 14th, 21st, and 28th (Saturday), of July 2018, we will be hosting our annual Rock-Off Competition.

What is a Rock-Off Competition? A Rock-Off competition is a battle between 4 HAB Presenters and 4 other presenters, who will clash against each other, by trying to drop the best Rock n Roll tracks within 25 minutes. The goal is to rock the judges, and listeners, while receiving the highest points possible. These are head to head clashes between 2 DJs, until the 8 DJ has past. Each clash will have 1 winner and the other DJ will be eliminated. This will be done in a playoff style settings, 3 rounds (3 Saturdays), Start with 8 DJs in the first round (14th), 4 DJs second round (21st) and 2 DJs in the final round (28th).

Rock Off Participants are as follows:
1. Have A Blast (DJ Sarah) Vs Unknown
2. The Amazing Radio (Unknown) vs. Have A Blast (DJ Vertigo)
3. Have A Blast (TJ the DJ) vs. Rocking Round the Clock
4. Unknown vs. Have A Blast (Night Stalker)

Each Presenter will present a show 25 minutes long and the best show wins. Songs played will not matter during the Rock Off, Presenters from other stations are allowed to bring there own listener or crew...

Judges: (Each Station will be allowed 1 judge on the panel)
Have A Blast, DJ Dutchy.
The Amazing Radio, Unknown.
Rocking Round the Clock, Unknown.
Unknown Radio, Unknown.
Unknown Radio, Unknown.
Guest Judge, Reba (Listener).
Score Keeper, to be Announced.

Judges will give points to at the end of each show, a points room will be created for Judges to submit there points. Points will be on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, for the following:

1. Music Selection
2. On Air Personality
3. Engaging with listening
4. Listener interaction the songs played
5. Clarity of the music

A total of 50 point can be received as a perfect score.

On the 1st Saturday the Schedule is as Follows:
11:30 AM - Pre Rock-Off Show DJ Valkyrie.
12:00 PM - The Rock-Off the battle officially starts Presenter 1
12:25 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
12:30 PM - The Challenger of The Presenter 2
12:55 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
01:00 PM - Battle #2 Presenter 3
01:25 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
01:30 PM - The Challenger Presenter 4
01:55 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
02:00 PM - Battle #3 Presenter 5
02:25 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
02:30 PM - The Challenger Presenter 6
02:55 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
03:00 PM - Battle #4 Presenter 7
03:25 PM - Comments by Whisky & Alison
03:30 PM - The Challenger Presenter 8
03:55 PM - Closing Remarks by Whisky & Alison
04:00 PM - The award show by DJ TAM
04:30 PM - Back to our regular Schedule

We are asking everyone to push the event and invite as much people, regardless where they are from, or what station or league they play at, as long as their is no drama - it is only a fun thing - the more people you have will help with the listeners interaction.

HAB trust that all Station will play fair, No Station is allowed to approach any DJ in an attempt to have the DJ work at their station. Likewise no DJ shall approach a station in the like manner. This event is for the love and respect of music, and to have fun between station. Let us all give respect and honors to all participants.

Thank you all and Rock-Off