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well I think you should revise the audio tag on that player and tell it not to auto-play. Also revising the width attribute from a fixed width to a dynamic attribue will make it responsive and resize for different displays. also the autoplay="" and controls="" is not correct syntax for html5 for the controls its just controls declared in the tag and this goes for auto play. now if your page is an xml/xhtml page then you have to use controls="controls" and autoplay="autoplay" here is the audio tag code I recommend for your site:
<audio controls id="stream"  preload="none" style="width:100%;" >
. If you want to look at the options and uses of the audio html tag, see Audio tag, w3 Schools
I don't have one available, but it looks like there is a way to query a server externally. There is a code snippet of online and offline status, but I don't see anywhere the listing of objects that can be queried from the server. This one is supposed to be shoutcast, and I wonder if centnova has one too. let's look at thier code for detecting:

// Edit the values below to suite your server and site.
$server = "ip.of.your.server"; // IP of the server
$port = "8000"; // Port of the server
$online = "On Air"; // Text to display if the server is online
$offline = "Off Air"; // Text to display if the server is offline
// Do not edit below here unless you know exactly what you're doing.

// Start Data Collection
$fp = fsockopen("$server", $port, $errno, $errstr, 30);
      fputs($fp, "GET /7.html HTTP/1.0\r\nUser-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.5; Windows NT 5.0)\r\n\r\n");
      while (!feof($fp)) {
          $content .= fgets($fp,128);
// start data processing
      $debut = strpos($content, '<body>') + strlen('<body>');
      $fin = strpos($content, '</body>', $debut);
      $string = substr($content, $debut, $fin - $debut);
      $stats = explode(',', $string);
This queries the server, then loads the data in an array in the $stats variable. There are two types of araays ones with number indexes, and other with named indexes. But it looks like thier numbered so the system variables would look like:
 $status[0], $status[1],$status[2]....
so what I have to see if the current dj is in this status array
//   after this line:
   $stats = explode(',', $string);
// we insert
This will list all of the variables that can be retrieved from the $status variable array. This will get you going if you are adventurous with php, and I hate to leave you hanging, but I got a lot of stuff to go through today in Sturgis with my internet radio station that hooked up to the distributive pa that we install across all of down town Sturgis, and inside its manciple buildings (over 5 square kilometers is covered in this PA for the Sturgis Rallys).

But I will revisit here in a few days to reveal the array in its entirely and if a code can be made I'll just write one.
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thanks dooly i have sam broadcaster and i'm trying to enable dedications
now in this code were would i enable dedications

    if ($code != 200) {
        throw new Exception($message);
} else { //If a request was already made, allow dedication to the request
    $data = array();
    $data['msg'] = strip_tags(Def('rmessage'));
    $data['name'] = strip_tags(Def('rname'));

    $db = Database::getInstance();
    $db->update('requestlist', $data, array('ID = ?' => $requestID, 'songID = ?' => $songID));