What’s new in Centova Cast v3?


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Here at Internet Radio we have now implemented the new Centova Cast v3 control panel into our radio server hosting.

A lot has changed in Centova Cast v3 in comparison to the previous v2. Amongst several improvements, minor updates and fixes, Centova Cast v3 also provides several new features.

Below we have outlined some of the most important changes and new features that are available in Centova Cast v3:

A New Look User Interface

The user interface of Centova Cast v3 has a brand new look to it featuring animations and other effects.

Web-based File Management

Centova Cast v3 now provides a brand new AJAX-based file management system. This new feature allows users to upload, manage and remove their AutoDJ media files without ever leaving their web browser or having to use an external FTP client.

We have created a guide for this new feature here.

DJ Accounts

The Centova Cast v3 control panel now allows users to create individual 'DJ Accounts' for per DJ access. If you have more than one live DJ that performs on your station, you may wish to only assign limited access to the control panel for each of your DJ's and assign certain permissions for each. The new 'DJ Accounts' system in the Centova Cast v3 control panel makes this possible.

We have created a guide for this new feature here.

Multiple Bitrate / Multiple Mountpoints Support

Users with Icecast servers are now able to create multiple independent mountpoints for their stream. This also allows the stream to be broadcasted in multiple varying bitrates or provide multiple independent streams on just the one Icecast server account.

'Port 80' Streaming

Version 3 now implements an efficient new 'Port-80' proxy system. Port 80 streaming is useful for when certain listeners are not able to connect to a stream when trying to connect through corporate networks or firewalls (for example: workplaces / colleges / universities etc) which block certain port numbers.

Port 80 streaming basically allows the radio stream to bypass the normal stream port and get redirected via 'Port 80' instead as it acts as a proxy. Port 80 is a port which is generally always open on networks as it is the same port that users would use for general web browsing.

New Album Cover and Metadata Retrieval

Centova Cast v3 now uses the iTunes Store and last.fm (as well as Amazon.com) to retrieve album artwork information and album / track purchase links. Users are able to specify their chosen services to act as the data sources and also select the chosen order that these data sources work in to collect this information.

We have created a guide for this new feature here.

Improved Statistics

The Centova Cast v3 statistics system has been completely redesigned using AJAX. This provides big improvements in the statistics responsiveness and interactivity.

Furthermore, the statistics are now displayed in the users selected time zone, they are no longer limited to 60 days of history and the 'Historical' statistics can now also be downloaded as spreadsheets.

A more detailed overview of all the new features, improvements and fixes can be found here: v3 Changelog
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