What do you think about this setup?


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Hello, I want to start a radio show and the only thing I need by the moment is to reproduce music and to speak. Very basic.
I hope you understand because my English is not the best.
I travel a lot and I want to be able to do my show "on the road", so my setup must be light and as you will see is not so much conventional.
-zoom h6 sound recorder/audio interface. I explain this: because I'm on the road I have to take advantage of multipurpose equipment. Also I like to do field recording, interviews, etc. With this device I can have an audio interface while I'm doing the show and a field recorder when I'm on the field. I know the quality is not the best for radio, but the only think that will be affected is my voice. The music will be reproduced on the computer.
Is the most versatile device I have found for a traveller.
- software: virtual dj (or similar) for the music and cockos reaper to edit, process signals and record the show. Also I think I can take the signal of spotify through reaper.
- tablet samsung controlling software as a midi controller
- if I want to monitor the broadcast from outside i can use my mobile phone with headphones
- headphones for computer also
- a nice microphone that i didnt choose yet conected to the audio interface
The main doubts that I have are related with the zoom device.

So... what you think?