What does this mean

DJ Magic

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I listened to a internet radio the other night and they gave me their link and it said this: Stream is up (MP3 @ 128 kbps, 44.1 kHz) with 6 of 500 listeners (5 unique)
can anyone enlighten me on what that means ?

thank you for all replies
Simply the type of stream (mp3) the bitrate of the stream(quality of sound) and 6 out of 500 Is currentl listener count (6) and max listener count (500)


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It does not mean that you have had 500 listeners at one time. That figure is the maximum listeners your server stream will take it if the .xml is configured properly with the server you have or the the plan you have with your hosting provider.


Also 5 unique with 6 listeners means one person has two players going on their PC or two devices from one IP are tuned in.