What is my stream URL PLEASE?

I am trying to install the muses radio player onto our website and whilst I can get it to show on our website, it wont play the stream.

I have checked thier FAQ's and have added ; at the end of the stream ULR and alos taken it away but I still can't get the stream to work.

Do you have any ideas or knowledge to help me get it playing please?


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Copy this code into your website. It just needed the "/stream" mountpoint. :)

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://hosted.musesradioplayer.com/mrp.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
Hi, since changing to version v3 our stream via Tunein radio has stopped.

Has our stream URL changed?

Your email said it shouldnt have altered our settings, but Tunein will no longer accept the older version?

Can you shed any light?


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Hi rocketradio,

No your stream url has not changed. This is still http://uk3.internet-radio.com:10633/

Provided you had previously given them the hostname uk3.internet-radio.com and port instead of the previous IP (which has changed) and port then this should continue to work the same as before.

You may need to ask them to clarify why exactly this will not work anymore as nothing should be any different from this end.

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I just checked that link and currently the server does not appear to be started - I searched in the station list and couldn't find you on there.

Tunein does accept icecast streams as I flipped my server over from shoutcast to icecast and I'm still on there with VFR Europe (even during a point when my playout was completely screwed and I had to revert to Centovacast); I did resubmit the streams with the mountpoint and I'm still not sure if they recognise my aac transcode for mobile users.

I think you may have to register with them as a "broadcaster" to get certain updates; not tried it so not sure if there are any costs involved.

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there has always been one menu on centovacast where its very easy (particularly if using a laptop with touchpad) to accidentally shut off your server once more instead of restart it. I often suggest buying a £5 mouse from ASDA and keeping it handy for working on "dangerous" screens like this.

Also a raspberry pi is dirt-cheap; doesn't use much leccy even if left switched on 24/7 and will run vlc media player from the command line; you can use one as a silence detector alarm which may come in handy if you are usually a 24/7 station