What will happen to my radio if my Data transfer is used up before the month is out?

just wonder what will happen to my account if my Data transfer is used up before the month is out.. will my account be terminated and does this mean ill have to start from scratch? im only asking because i was told this by a friend a few days ago.so im not really to sure how this works out? iv used 0.79/0.98TB but on the bar it looks like it nearly out?
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Hi DJ Sparks,

No the account would not get terminated. But you would generally need to either upgrade your plan to continue streaming for the remainder of the month or instead just switch the server off until your monthly bandwidth allowance next gets reset on the 1st of each month. If you tried to continue streaming the server will just keep turning itself off to prevent any further over usage.

Your monthly allowance next gets reset tomorrow, so you should be fine with your remaining bandwidth. Here is some tips on how you can reduce your bandwidth usage if you find this happening again next month and you are not ready to upgrade your plan just yet: https://www.internet-radio.com/community/threads/how-can-i-use-less-bandwidth.27559/
you've made perfect sense and has answered my questions clear for me and i have some understanding now,which will make things a lot easier for me to work out my usage.

thank you so much

kind regards
hi there i have one more question,i upgraded on the 2018-08-21 22:21:02 to the £18 a month then i upgraded to the 4G plan does this mean ill have to wait till the first of this month for it to change over to the 4G Plan or the following month for the new upgrade plan to take affect?


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Any server plan upgrades are set up instantly. We can see that you are subscribed to our 1000GB bandwidth plan with 4GB of AutoDJ storage and your accounts settings already reflect this.
hi there i'v been having some issues for the last few days,i recently changed my website address as our radio station under went some upgrading iv changed the our website address with in the Centova cast panel,turned the sever off,iv restarted the server Ect, i even headed over to the shoutcast DNAS server and changed our website address to our new one but there has been no changes in the Directory listings here? any help or support in to what i could do be great thank you ..
hi there i would like to know how do i deactivate or terminate my account please ? it something i would like to know for future reference.
thank you.. i have made another mount point and using the auto dj,but its not showing up in the directory here is there something i need to do? it show in the shoutcast directory's just wondering why not here.?