When adding a new station, the earlier station is removed from Internet Radio YP

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I'm currently building a small range of stations for different genres. Whilst we have no problems listing multiple stations over at Xiph using YP, unfortunately each time we add a new station the last entry for the Internet-Radio YP directory is replaced with the current one.

For example, there's around 8 stations listed on Xiph, only one listed on Internet-Radio.

We are transitioning from Centova on a bare metal server (where all of this worked without any problems), to AzuraCast. Other than that, we can't identify any other changes that might cause an issue.

If anyone could help us look in the right direction, that would be great,



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Thanks for your patience. We've had a deeper dive into the issue and found the problem to be related to the way Azuracast provisions multiple Icecast mount points. Unfortunately it's not compatible with one of the ways we attempt to limit steam duplication. This is why you're only seeing one station listed. We've got some creative ideas to fix this but it involves some quite major changes to our database schema which require some extensive testing before we can roll them out. I hope this makes sense and you can bear with us while we work this out.

I'll try and keep you updated in this thread.