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Hi Noorman,

Do you have access to the HTML file for your website? If so, all you need to do is open it and use Ctrl + f to search for the "</body>" tag in the code and then you can place the widget code right before that.

Hope that helps. :)
Hi !
Yes I seem to have access to the HTML part(s) but there is no body
to find there.... strange.
I also contacted everyoneweb.com - hope they have a solution.... :(
I found the </body> .... pls tell me how to insert the .js code...
copy / paste does not work :(



Thx !


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Ok great, but we really don't understand why you are not able to simply copy and paste the code?

Just click on the code under the widgets sections so it's highlighted. Then Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V where you you wish to place the code.
Yes, of course.... The only thing is, I can't edit my site where I found the </body> tag.
Any idea where I can edit the HTML ?


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Hi Eric. You're going to have to ask everyoneweb about this as adding the code to their site is very much dependant on their system. Adding the code just before the </body> tag is the best solution but you can get away with adding it anywhere on the page provided its below widget code.
Hi !
I did ask my provider about this... without any reaction so far.
I'm afraid everyoneweb does not support Java scripts, as I tried
to insert the code below the widget code. This did not work either. :(
Anyhow, I'll try this again with all widgets and I will re-contact my provider.
Take care & many thanks for your time ! ;)

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You're welcome :D Hopefully they can help but it is highly likely that they won't allow custom javascript on their pages. To them it could be seen as a bit of a security risk.
:mad: They don't even react on my questions.... I am considering to go to another provider.
Can you recommend a good provider (free of charge ?) that supports your widgets ? ;)