You need to buy more bandwidth. Why?

Hello! I created my radio station a few days ago. My fare "Pay As You Go " with 5Gb Bandwidth. I am the only listener during this time.
Today, I received a letter that I must update my Bandwidth. But my Data transfer indicator shows usage: 371MB. So why did I get this letter and what should I do now?
Thank you.


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Hi Zvkur,

Your 'pay as you go' bandwidth balance is currently -0.36GB. So you have received this notification as you have a negative bandwidth balance and need to top up more bandwidth in order to continue streaming. We do have a bandwidth calculator that will give you a better idea of the kind of bandwidth usage that you can expect:

So as an example, 1 listeners tuned in for 1 hour at a bitrate of 128kbps would use 0.05 GB (56.25 MB) of bandwidth. If you was tuned in for 24 hours this would use 1.32GB of bandwidth. From looking at your control panels stats we can see that other listeners have been tuned in other than just you. You had a peak of 7 listeners from various countries on the 8th of August and then yesterday a peak of 4. As your station is public in our directories then this is where these other listeners have come across your station and tuned in.

But yes, your stats do show a usage of only 371MB. I think what has happened here is where we deleted your original 'zvukr' trial account yesterday as you requested that this newer account be renamed from 'zvukrr' to 'zvukr' it has somehow miscalculated the bandwidth usage. Please be aware that the bandwidth balances are not updated in real-time, they are only updated once a day in the morning (UK time). So this why you have seen this drop in your bandwidth balance and it looks like it has calculated this from your original (the now deleted) 'zvukr' accounts usage instead. Hope that makes sense?

So what I've done is credited 4.7GB to your account for you.