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Hi Irmita
I co-run an Internet station – Mad Wasp Radio – based in London. Our aim is to at least try to be a bit different and alternative, and we would certainly be interested in airing your show. Please let me know if you might be interested. You can check us out at

Kind regards,

David Preston
Mad Wasp Radio
DJ Irmita
DJ Irmita
Hi David, thanks for the message. I had a look at your station website and it looks great ! If you'd like to get in touch please contact me at ,
Best wishes
Hi there , how do I get my facebook identity to show on my account details?
Under your accounts 'Identities' settings you can add your Facebook pages URL to your profile.
join us later on were we kick start the week end with the dance music connection were we bring you the best in uplifting house and dance music on 98.7fm newstyleradio and world wide at at 6pm till 8pm (gmt) on friday and 4pm till 6pm (gmt) on a saturday, cheers.
Im a retired Barber Hairstylist. I have been in Canada since 1970. I come from the U.K. the county of Worcestershire, where they make, that's right, Worcestershire Sauce. My delight is the arts, where over the years I have produced, directed, and played many parts in some very funny productions. I also do stand up comedy. And to end this portion, I also do some work on a radio station in Guelph.
The radio residency involves installing streaming software on your computer or laptop and streaming your set to our live radio server. Our radio server then distributes the music to the listeners tuned in. The streaming software is extremely easy to set up

During the live session, you would also be required to show yourself in the chat room where listeners drop by.
In addition to showing your face in the