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Hi Im Bob Christie a long serving dj in the Club world UK & Europe Not been on Radio to long played on some quality stations ,Im what you call a versatile presenter or Dj as you say which I have played a lot of genres over my years as Pro Dj Im Currently working a much talented Radio Station in Brazil..working along side top presenters & producers..Looking around for slots . d(~;~)b
Hi, Golden Grooves radio are always on the look out for presenters, we only play the best golden oldies, nothing modern, check us out at me and the hubby are on tonight Saturday 9pm-11pm UK time, so why not come along and visit our friendly interactive DRAMA FREE chatroom... hope to see you.
My jazz programme (A weekly hour covering new releases of cutting edge modern jazz exclusively from UK and Europe) is now broadcast on two FM stations and 5 internet stations - always happy for more broadcasters to join :)
Hello my name is DJ Bunny. I am the general manager of Radio For Fun. First off we are a new station, not even 6 mos old. We play all genres of music except for rap (the ones that you can't understand, about drugs, know what i mean) and screamo metal. That being said, we are looking for new djs. Our website is
I received your email recently. Can you send me a sample of your show. The time slot is open for the Mondays. I recommend shows to the Australia community radio ass who can distribute the show to 200 community stations if accepted. Send it to or upload to any cloud eg Dropbox.
Hi, Kevin, we've worked before as Beatsville. It didn't work out for us as the few shows we sent you were never allowed to start on time. Still we do like what you are doing and we did our damnedest to promote your RadioForFun station on our Facebook site which has almost three thousand friends/members.
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I'm based in ireland would like to broadcast to Europe with 500 listeners to start playing hit music so what licence would I need. Got a quote from ppi Ireland 216 euro if your revenue less than 6k per year is there better value out there by anyone else.thanks in advance
Looking for Friday Evenings if at all possible PK
ok this is what I have depending on your time zone.
Hello John, on January 23rd, I sent an Introduction & Inquiry via email, and a VoiceDemo via WeTransfer regarding: 'The Camino Concept'. It's a weekly 2 hour oldies theme mix program. The music is the Concept, and zany 'Team Camino' is the Show. Check our website at We would be proud to be a part of your Cofton Radio Family. Thank you, Billy.
Busy with production, creating new drops, organizing music and gathering content. One more show this week and three next week. Christmas or not, the show MUST go on.