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We have 201 radio stations playing Metal.

ChroniX | GRIT®

Send Me An Angel - Deadstar Assembly
Genres: hard rock metal rock

Bad Company - Company of Strangers
Genres: metal

The Generator FM

HellYeah - Love Falls
Genres: hard rock heavy metal

Top Rock Radio

Mekonium - after the last day

Genres: metal

Radio Heretica

DECECRATED SPHERE - Source of Disassociation
Genres: metal


The Godz - Under the Table
Genres: rock metal punk alternative

Rockamania Family Radio

Scorpions - Born to Touch Your Feelings [gj6]
Genres: metal

Genres: rock indi new wave metal (the Switch)

U2 - Thats the Way that it is. [gCs]
Genres: metal rock pop soaking

RAWR Industries llc Stream

Austrian Death Machine - Crom
Genres: metal


Hair Metal Mansion Radio Show - Andrew The Axeman4
Genres: metal hard rock

Reanimated Radio

Still Breathing - With Hateful Pride
Genres: christian metal

Gamers Guild Radio

Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country
Genres: rock metal pop

Alquimia Rock Fm 106.7

Alquimia Rock Fm 106.7

Genres: hard rock heavy metal blues

Chromium Sun

Infertile - Call of Revolution [kvl]
Genres: metal

La Calavera Radio

Jose Ändrea - 06 SIEMPRE ESTAS AHI
Genres: metal punk gothic

Ixock Live Music

The Dogma - Black Roses
Genres: metal


Genres: metal

90.3 the Core RLC-WVPH 24k

Modest Mouse - Float On
Genres: mixed rock metal hip hop

Radio Infernal Scream (Metal)

Radio Infernal Scream - Rock & Metal Online Radio 24/7
Genres: metal

About Metal Music

Metal (or heavy metal) is a form of rock music. It originated in the late 1960s and early 1970s mostly in england and the united states. Although its roots originate from blues music and psychedelic rock, heavy metal developed a much more heavier, louder and distorted sound with an emphasis on extended guitar solos and more upfront drum beats. Heavy metal lyrics and the presentation of the music are of a much more aggressive nature than that of other forms of rock music.

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