Add Internet Radio Stations

If you would like your internet radio station to be listed in our directory then you can submit your stream details below. Your radio station and website will be checked and listed under the genres you have setup in your meta-data.

Step 1. Link to

You must link to from your website or you will not be added. We will also periodically check your site and remove stations who do not maintain the link. e.g. internet radio badge

Link Location :

Step 2. Enter your radio server status page.

We support Shoutcast v1.x,v2.x and Icecast v2.x Servers only. Examples :
Shoutcast v1.x :
Shoutcast v2.x :
Icecast v2.x :

Your Radio Status Page :

Step 3. Enter your email address.


Your eMail :

Provided you have linked to our site and your radio station is working we will list your station in our directory.

Tips to gain more exposure :

There are several things you can do to improve your visibility in our directory (and others). Here are some of our suggestions.

1. Setup your genres correctly. Our directory relies heavily on your genre settings in your meta-data. Take the time to set them up correctly. More info...

2. Make sure your station is set to public. We dont list stations which are marked as private.

3. Be accurate with your title (and descriptions) in the meta-data.