Radio Server Prices

All our streaming servers have at least 500 listeners, up to 320 kbps bitrate and at least a 1GB Auto DJ server included. We have both monthly and pay as you go (no monthly fee) payment options. You can sign up for a free trial now!

Pay As You Go No Monthly Fee!

Buy bandwidth as you need it and have it roll over each month. Ideal for infrequent broadcasters.

500 Listenersup to 320 Kbps
1GB Auto DJ

Bandwidth Prices

$5.0010 GB182$0.500
$10.0022 GB400$0.455
$20.0050 GB910$0.400
$40.00120 GB2184$0.333

These are not monthly subscription fees. The bandwidth rolls over each month until its used up.

Pay Monthly Discounted bandwidth!

Get a discounted price on bandwidth by paying a monthly subscription. Ideal for 24/7 broadcasters.

1000+ Listenersup to 320 Kbps
2GB+ Auto DJ

Monthly Prices

$25.00500 GB9102$0.050
$45.001000 GB18204$0.045
$80.002000 GB36408$0.040
$175.005000 GB91022$0.035

This is a monthly subscription fee. The bandwidth usage is reset each month.

Get a 7 day Free Trial

Try out our radio servers free for 7 days. No credit card necessary. Prices starting only from $5.00

Your trial account will be setup as a "Pay As You Go" account with 5GB of free bandwidth and a limit of 5 listeners. The account will expire in 7 days unless you attach a credit or debit card from within the control panel. Once you attach a card your listener limit will increase to 500 and you will be able to buy additional bandwidth as and when you need or you can upgrade to a "Pay Monthly" account.

* Total Listening Hours at 128 kbps, ** Price Per Gigabyte

Should I have a "Pay As You Go" or "Pay Monthly" account?

Most people begin with a "Pay As You Go" account and as their station becomes more popular they move to a "Pay Monthly" account. If you don't broadcast very often you may wish to stay on a "Pay As You Go" account. You can read more about "Pay As You Go" vs "Pay Monthly" billing in our forum here.

Does the bandwidth carry over to the next month?

"Pay As You Go" bandwidth will roll over to the next month provided you login or use the radio at least once every 4 months your radio will remain active. "Pay Monthly" bandwidth is reset each month.

Is the "Pay As You Go" bandwidth price a monthly fee?

Nope. You can buy some bandwidth and spend it over many months without the need to buy any more. Great for first time or part time broadcasters! If you broadcast more regularly and would like to get more discounted bandwidth you can switch to one of our "Pay Monthly" plans.

Can I upgrade my server plan later?

Yes. You can switch from "Pay As You Go" to "Pay Monthly" or between "Pay Monthly" plans from within your control panel at any time. To switch from "Pay Monthly" to "Pay As You Go" you can just contact us and we will arrange this for you.

Can I get a custom radio server?

Yes. If you don't fit into any of our plans contact us with your requirements and we will offer you a quote.

Do you offer reseller accounts?

Yes. We have a reseller control panel where you can resell our radio servers. Contact us and tell us about your company and requirements.

Are you VAT registered and can I get a VAT/Tax invoice?

Yes. Our registration number is GB117562811. VAT/Tax is charged on all EU payments and an invoice can be requested by contacting us with the details of the payment. We will create and send you your full vat / tax invoice.

What currencies do you support?

We accept US Dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

What does TLH mean?

TLH stands for Total Listening Hours. Its a metric for measuring the amount of time spent listening to a radio station and often used by music licensing authorities. A TLH of 150 hours could be achieved by 15 listeners tuning in for 10 hours each, 150 listeners tuning in for 1 hour each, 1 listener tuning in for 150 hours, 30 listeners tuning in for 5 hours each etc. Read more about TLH here.