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Main Features

Priority Listing in our Radio Directory

We run the number 1 internet radio directory in the UK. All radio stations hosted by us get prioritised in the directory. This means more listeners tuning into your radio station compared to other hosts.

Awesome Control Panel

We run the latest Centova Cast (version 3) radio control panels which have plenty of awesome features for your radio station.

Auto DJ Server Included

All our radio servers come with an Auto DJ server included. This means you can upload your music by FTP or by our web based uploader. You can schedule playlists for your music and jingles and have them play 24/7 while you are offline.

Great Customer Support

We offer quality support to all our clients in the form of email support and our extensive support forums which includes lots of useful FAQs and guides. We will help you get started and get your radio online!

Fast, Reliable Servers with over 99.9% uptime

We use fast, reliable and secure servers for hosting your radio servers. We monitor network latency and server loads 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and uptime. Our techies are always on call to respond to any critical issues.

More Features

  • Code widgets to paste into your website.
  • Start Page to comment and share with your listeners.
  • Google Maps, statistics, trends and historical reports.
  • GeoLocking your radio to certain countries.
  • Email and Forum support.
  • PAYG or Monthly billing.
  • Instant Setup. Get started now!