Best server/encoder option for Live Streaming Solution for Internet Radio

Discussion in 'Support' started by duiwel, Apr 11, 2013.

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    I work for a small ISP and I have a client who was set up on an older streaming server of ours to allow their local radio station to stream live on the internet. The client decided he wanted to be able to ensure that all desktop OS's and mobile devices - or at least, as many as possible - could get the stream. The previous stream was hosted on a Win2003 server using an older version of Windows Media Services that only seemed to support streaming over mms://.

    I set up a new 2008 Server with Streaming Media and IIS roles and I was able to get an HTTP stream running in Windows Media Services but that too didn't seem to function properly on mobile devices. I have a Droid Razr M and some Gen1 iPhones. Tried a number of apps that support streaming on the Droid to no avail. I didn't test too extensive on the iPhone because at that point I'd done some more research and it seemed that I could definitely hit iOS devices at the very least if we went with IIS Live Smooth Streaming instead. That has presented a whole other set of problems, and it seems one would have to use a Pro copy of Microsoft Expression Encoder as well.

    At this point I'm willing to try anything that's reasonable easy to set up and has a decent chance of being able to stream to mobile devices - bigger points to systems that don't require an App. It looks like there are some options to explore with Linux but I'm not so sure where to begin. I'm open to any Windows Server or Linux Server based solution that we can host from our NOC without having to involve another host or company. Also big points to something that will work with a free desktop encoder.

    Also curious to know if one of my previous attempts should have worked, particularly the first approach with WMS4 using HTTP. Perhaps I just needed to encode the stream in a different way? I was just using the Microsoft Media Encoder.... tried using VLC but I didn't seem to be able to get it to stream properly.

    I have unlimited access to high capacity virtual servers, any Windows Server OS, any Linux distro and all free desktop tools (Windows Media Encoder, VLC).... apparently shopping the idea to the client of dropping $200 on Expression Encoder was a big deal. And, just to clarify further, we're taking a normal line-out from the radios board and pluggin that into a line-in jack on a standard audio card. Any info on the right server/encoder/protocol/etc combo would be great.

    Any advice or a link to a good resource that I can explore on my own would be greatly appreciate.
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    We don't have any experience with Windows. We run a purely Linux shop here. I would recommend running an IceCast or Shoutcast server (both free software) : Internet Radio Server Software

    For an encoder you can use Butt : Internet Radio Encoder Software

    Both these run under Linux and Windows so you should be good to go. As for configuration I'm sure you can figure it out yourselves.

    Good Luck! :nerd:

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