Goth Radio Stations

We have 26 radio stations playing Goth.

Sanctuary Radio - Dark Electro Channel

Noblesse Oblige - The Great Electrifier (Single Version)
Genres: darkwave ebm industrial and goth

ANDYS 80S - The Rarest New Wave 80s Music - Make REQUESTS at - Stream Live 24-7 - New

Smiths - The Headmaster Ritual
Genres: 80s rare new wave alternative ska goth rare underground punk 80s

Depressive metal rock Radio

Neon Sky - Subliminal Rapist
Genres: alternative emo goth indie rock industrial modern rock metal black metal classic metal extreme metal

Twitch The Ripper - What The Moon Brings
Genres: industrial ebm goth

Black Demon Radio

Synthom - Kleiner Engel
Genres: goth mittelalter ebm darkwave darkmetal cyber

Nvasion Radio

Seether - Driven Under
Genres: rock metal punk grunge alternative hard rock goth classic rock

Abnormally Dead Air - Radio From The Grave

Southern Death Cult - Moya
Genres: goth

Decennial Gothica Radio

Sirenia - Lethargica [3E9]
Genres: gothic symphonic goth


Project NT - Ñòàëü
Genres: goth gothic metal darkwave halloween dark industrial industrial gothic rock

radio.XES - Gothic, Darkwave, Electro

Arcana Obscura - Evidence
Genres: goth metal misc

GOTH RADIO : Goth N Metal

Lake of Tears - The Greyman
Genres: emo goth grunge hardcore indie pop indie rock industrial modern rock new wave electronic christian m


Genres: alternative adult alternative britpop classic alternative college dancepunk dream pop emo goth grung

Acidic Infektion Radio

Code 64 - Run To You
Genres: goth industrial ebm dark

Nachtmahr Asylum Radio

VNV Nation - Entropy
Genres: goth


Whodini - Back In Black
Genres: post punk industrial ebm afro beat funk disco reggae goth synth pop

Deadly Intentions Radio

Klut - Fuck the Mainstream - Monkey Say Monkey Do (Spank the Monkey Mix)

Genres: goth industrial ebm metal


Genres: alternative goth rock

radio.XES - 56 kbps - Gothic, Darkwave, Electro

Arcana Obscura - Evidence
Genres: goth metal misc

twiNight greyskycasting

Bleak - In Vain
Genres: goth

Radio Nachtflug

Infernosounds - Gothic Visions V (EZ14C1545) - Demon Voices
Genres: goth

About Goth Music

Gothic rock (or just goth rock / goth) is a form of post-punk and alternative rock which came to be in the later half of the 1970s. The goth genre eventually became a separate movement from the punk rock scene in the 1980s and developed into its own subculture and fashion. Musically it had a much darker sound than that of punk and featured synthesisers and darker introspective / romantic lyrics.

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