"Mississippi Shakedown" - Can We Get Married REAL Soon

Hey Blues friends. "MISSISSIPPI SHAKEDOWN" are SLIDE-GUITAR rocking', bluesy, passionate and down to earth good.

Just think Elmore James/ Hound Dog Taylor...!!!

Check this song from their forthcoming album. TURN IT UP REAL LOUD....

"Mississippi Shakedown" - Can We Get Married REAL Soon

TO HEAR THE SONG GO TO --- SPOTIFY - Mississippi Shakedown..


Well, if you don’t like DIRT you won’t like “Mississippi Shakedown” and we’re not talking about the kind of dirt you see hanging around a building site or the DIRT you hear about the fella next door who never seems to go to work, but has folk delivering “stuff’ to his door day and night.

I’m talking about the DIRT that comes from a guitar amplifier, that’s been turned up WAY too loud for your Grandmother, the kind of OLD distortion yu’ don’t hear much of these days – no $29 guitar distortion pedal used here folks, it’s REAL distortion coming from an OLD Amplifier.

Talking about old, nothing NEW was used on this 6th, yes 6th (spelt SIXTH) Album from the Cairns Queensland based Rhythm and Blues Band Combo.

They use OLD Microphones, OLD guitars, OLD drums and cymbals, OLD Amplifiers, hell THEY’RE even OLD… they drive an Oldsmobile…!!!

Do they sound OLD, yep, you’re darn tootin’ they do and the young folk love them cause they ain’t heard nothin’ like them before, or as they say B4… their Mum’s and Dad’s might have, but not them… they think they’re playing updated “South of the Mason Dixon Line” kinda rockin’ Blues but those kids think it’s all new, but they ain’t gonna tell ‘em, might spoil their Latte coffee drinking..!!

BTW, this ain’t no “Mississippi Shakedown Post Pandemic Album”, Pandemic or NO Pandemic, they always sound like this, this is what they do, always have done, always will do.

“A groove platform for UPLIFTING, WITTY & DAMNED CATCHY SONGS, with unforgettable choruses that you will curse, after singing them in your sleep for a month …!!!”

The Album starts with a lovely little question “Can We Get Married Real Soon” and NO - please don’t go there, there’s been no baby making yet, this Fella is just in a hurry for all the right reasons.

“Don’t make it tomorrow, make it this afternoon”.. totally wholesome, unlike most of our other songs.

“Mississippi Shakedown” is a Band with a minimum of
FUSS and a maximum of EFFECT… a 3-piece live combo led by Award Winning Producer-Engineer-Songwriter Jeff Cripps … with a “Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus” attitude!!!

Just take a listen to their 5 Albums on Spotify, the Band takes no prisoners on their journey to
Shakedown an audience – THEY ENTERTAIN… Once seen, never forgotten, once heard, always loved…!!!

Mississippi Shakedown is the REAL DEAL!!!

They have played all the main Blues venues, Goulburn, Thredbo, Sydney, Forth Valley (Tas) Blues Festivals, Launceston Blues Club (Tas) and The West Coast Blues Club (W.A.).

All FIVE of their Albums have been TOP 5 in the Oz Blues Charts.

“Mississippi Jeff Cripps” is a 3 time “Blues Producer of the Year” and Internationally recorded Songwriter, Disney Films have even used 4 of his songs..!!

“Mississippi Shakedown” songs are played in
Spain, France, Croatia, Hawaii, U.S, Germany, Bosnia, Denmark, and Australian blues radio stations


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