50 Years and Rolling 2 hour Music Show Available to download for your Station


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If you operate or are a station manager at a Music Radio Station well then this may be of interest to you.
50 Years and Rolling is a weekly, 2 hour music show available for syndication to any internet, DAB or FM based music radio stations
The show can be emailed in one, two hour section or four 30 minute segments via We Transfer to your station as a totally generic show with no mention of date, time, weather etc yet still sounding live.

The show features a mix of tunes from the last 5 decades. Part of the show is called “Relax and Chill” where I play a half hour of easy listening, chillout, relaxing tunes .
Also 3 songs from a Featured Artist are played on each show and these artists are normally chosen by the listeners. Either a tune from Sting or the Police is played and new music from artists trying to get their tunes played in the radio world.
50 Years and Rolling is a must listen to show if you have any interest in music from the last 5 decades with an Irish soft easy voice doing the links in between the tunes, with personality and high quality production thrown in.
For anyone interested please have a listen to some of the show at:

I would also be more than happy to answer any questions with regards to the show by emailing me on:


or via a PM on this forum.

Many thanks for reading this and I do hope you will check out the show.
All the best from Leo 50 Years and Rolling image.jpg

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