Psychedelic Radio Stations

We have 11 radio stations playing Psychedelic.


Emily Skyrocker - PVR 16th Birthday PROMO II 12.2013
Genres: psychedelic

Psychedelicized Radio

Tomorrow - Real Life Permanent Dream
Genres: psychedelic rock

~ TRIPLAG ~ Chill Trips ~ Psychedelic chillout Dub ambient IDM and more

Side Liner - [CD] Side Liner : Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2 - Cosmicleaf

Genres: chillout psychedelic ambient drone experimental

Toksyna FM - PsyTrance

Alien Project - Aztechno Dream [TIP World]
Genres: psytrance goa psychedelic electronica

420 Fm - Stoned Hippie Radio - 60s 70s 80s 90s and Todays best Psychedelic & Stoner Music.

High People Explain Why Weed Should Be Legal
Genres: classic rock psychedelic chill stoner

~ TRIPLAG ~ Dark Psy Trance ~ 99% Full power SHAMANIC PSY

CD Wishi and Friends - Overconsumpsion
Genres: darkpsy psychedelic forest trance

B612 Audio Transmitter

Altruism - Dreamers Of Dreams
Genres: psychedelic

Latesurf Psychedelic Radio

Pink Floyd - See Emily Play [dPZ]
Genres: psychedelic

OM Radio 2

Deersky - Mistique Music Showcase 004
Genres: psychedelic progressive electro breaks trance

Grrr Radio1

Eyeless In Gaza - The Decoration
Genres: psychedelic garage post punk

SpiritPlants Radio: Turn On . . . Tune In . . .

Psychedelic Lectures - Sasha Shulgin - Dirty Pictures
Genres: psychedelic

About Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic music (or psychedelia) is a broad term which encompasses a vast range of popular musical genres which are inspired by psychedelic culture. Psychedelic music first originated during the 1960s in the uk and us rock scenes and was intended to replicate or enhance the effects of psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic music may include psychedelic rock and pop through to psychedelic trance and techno.

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