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    Folk, old-time & bluegrass

    I'm looking for folk, country, old time and bluegrass artists to feature on my radio. I'm broadcasting 24/7 from Montréal, so I'm very happy to hear from Canadian musicians. But anyone is welcome! You can submit music on the webpage. Tune in on:
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    Superstition Radio Dj Schedule

    Dj Buttercup Monday - Alternative Rock/Metal - 8-10 am MST Tuesday - Christian - 8-10 am MST Wednesday - Country - 8-10 am MST Thursday - Throwback (Classic Rock, Blues, etc.) anything - 8-10 am MST Friday - Pop/R&B - 8-10 am MST Dj Fort Monday - Fridays 1am-4am MST Random Music Dj Boy VI...