Psytrance Radio Stations

We have 11 radio stations playing Psytrance.

psyradio * fm - progressive

Shaman - Keuse Trommel
Genres: progressive trance psytrance

Psyndora Psytrance

Astrix & Freedom Fighters - Burning Stones (Simon Patterson Extended Remix)
Genres: psytrance progressive trance goa fullon

psyradio * fm - psytrance

Erofex - Liquid M
Genres: psytrance trance goa

Hirschmilch Psytrance

Flowjob - Fly Me To The Noon (Agent Krit
Genres: psytrance

Dance Attack FM - The Best EDM

Tom Exo - Exosphere Radio 054
Genres: dance trance edm electro house progressive psytrance

Space Unicorn Radio

Genres: trance and psytrance

DMT FM Psytrance 24/7

Psytrance 24/7-365 - USA Server - www.dmt-fm-com
Digital Shiva Power - Windowpain - Nyx
Genres: psy psytrance goa dark psychedelic trance


PsyMusic UK :: Welcome to the psychedelic underground ::
Hujaboy - Oceans Of Love
Genres: psytrance psychedelic progressive trance

TranceVault Radio - Trance from The Beginning of Millennium

Digital Maestro - Do You Like Bizet? (Original Mix) - year 2001
Genres: trance hardtrance psytrance techno

PsyMusic UK - PsyStream

Hujaboy - Oceans Of Love
Genres: psytrance psychedelic progressive trance


Genres: psytrance goa psyfi trance

About Psytrance Music

Psytrance (or psychedelic trance) is a form of electronic dance music (edm). It originated in the early 1990s and evolved from goa trance, it later gained mainstream appeal by the late 1990s. Psytrance is characterised by its pounding 4x4 rhythm which is layered with complex melodic lines and high energy riffs.

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