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  1. michael k

    Dj's nneded

    This is Teerex Radio, a rb,soul,disco jazz web station broadcasting from Montreal. We are opening the doors to radio announcers that would be interested in having a show on Teerex. Teerex radio's main difference is that djs switch from English to French as Montreal is a bilingual city, and we...
  2. BullsEye Radio


    Currently Bullseye Radio is seeking on air talent to fill in shifts, to help us to go live 24 hours a day - 7 days a week . The times available are on our calendar on our front page at http://www.bullseyeradio.com. There are many time slots available. We are specifically looking for a Classic...
  3. J

    The Mix 95.1 Is Looking For DJ's!

    The Mix 95.1- Greatest Hits On The Net! is a new online radio station. We are looking for DJ's. We play all Genres here. Please contact us by emailing us apply@themix951.com. Please keep in mind this Volunteering you will not get paid for this.