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  1. Admin @ Mix365

    DJ/Presenter Wanted

    We are currently looking for resident DJ’s willing to commit to hosting their own show. Benefits include; Free online DJ profile page Free artwork & radio flyer - if needed Entry into our montly draw for the most played sets from our top10 djs list on the website Access to all documentation and...
  2. Admin @ Mix365

    Simmy is now LIVE followed by DJ Digital at 15:00

    Simmy is now LIVE followed by DJ Digital at 15:00 . You can interact with the DJ's over at our website, come on in to the live DJ arena where you can chat and join in the fun ! to link straight into the room: Or, if you want to just listen this...
  3. Admin @ Mix365

    What would you like to do ? DJ's Wanted

    Firstly thank you for all the interest we have had for our new station, for the DJ's and listeners alike. We are still on the lookout for DJ's to fill the schedule. We are an electronic music station playing all types of dance music, from house, techno, trance, makina, bounce.. you name it we...