heavy metal

  1. Moshville Shells

    Looking for Metal Radio Presenters not routed in the past

    We at Moshville Radio love to play all the underground and independent metal around. We don't mind the classics but we are all about helping todays artists. We are just over a year old and going strong. Get in touch if you fit the bill.
  2. N

    NO.SIX's Death poem – Walk with me

    NO.SIX The Band, The Myth, The Legends:eek: People has described our music as "when the 80's metal/hardrock meets the new millennium":cool:o_O Best /Bo Norlund NO.SIX Walk with me (Death's poem) NO.SIX playlist on Youtube
  3. rocklouisiana

    Visit Rock Louisiana for Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Classic Rock & More.

    Click https://www.internet-radio.com/station/rocklouisiana/ or download the Rock Louisiana App Today and start listening Search in your app store today! All day all day!!! www.rocklouisiana.com
  4. D

    Rock Explorer - Wednesdays @7PM CET

    Hi, I'm a presenter at BAIT Radio hosting a weekly interactive radio show Rock Explorer - www.baitradio.com/shows/rock-explorer. I've started off as an online game commentator back in 2005 and from 2010 am hosting the weekly music show. Check out the annual "Rock of the Year" edition of my...
  5. Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Midlands Metalheads Radio Recruiting New Shows/DJ's

    Radio Show Recruitment Email Us On: Recruitment@midlandsmetalheads.com http://www.midlandsmetalheads.com/show-recruitment/ Midlands Metalheads Radio are currently recruiting for new shows Think you got what it takes to produce a 2-3 hour show? Even though we are based in the Midlands, We are...
  6. N

    Neil Wonnell's Metalmouth

    HOME Neil Wonnell’s Metalmouth© is a weekly syndicated Radio Show that can be heard Worldwide via Internet and Terrestrial Radio Stations. Hosted by veteran Rock/Talk Radio Personality and Heavy Metal Historian Neil Wonnell, the show is recorded at the Metalmouth studio on the far south side...