italian music

  1. radio35

    Gufus in Fabula, Gupho New Single

    Hi, Gupho New Single "Gufus in Fabula" is available. It's in Italian, genre: Hip Hop/Tropical Trap. You can listen to the song at this link: If you want to broadcast it on your station, please send me a message here and I will send you the mp3 file. Thank you. Roberto
  2. Quite Great

    Profound electro-pop EP ‘Circles’ from up-and-coming singer Francesco, aka 1ofUs

    Up-and-coming Italian singer and songwriter, 1ofUs delivers his debut EP, CIRCLES, a stunning electropop record themed around his life’s journey. Having attempted to pursue a career in music over two decades ago (he was signed to Warner at one point), the artist was forced to abandon his...