looking for radio

  1. MKA Music

    Trance DJ

    Hi! I'm 21 years old trance DJ (and producer) from Finland and I'm looking for a radio station where I can start to produce my podcast more active than currently on Soundcloud. I have mixed "more professional" few years and I had my own club residency, which unfortunately come to end earlier...
  2. R

    Looking for a first time gig

    Hello! I'm looking for a radio to DJ on. I'm new, but I have been working with Mixxx for the past few months and I'm looking for a place to DJ live to. I'm also great at commentary skills. I have a youtube channel and a Podcast that I have been a host on for 2+ years. Thanks! Jack Youtube...
  3. Quite Great

    Andrea Di Giovanni releases atmospheric new electropop single ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’

    (photo credit: Barbara Gallozzi - Photo Studio Imag&vents) 21-year-old Italian-born singer, Andrea Giovanni, is set to release atmospheric new electropop song, ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’, set to drop April 15th. Taking influence vocally from Sam Smith and Jess Glynne, the artist delivers a...