1. ChrisJones

    Making Money with my Station

    Is there an FAQ or article that goes over the legalities of making money with my radio station? How does it work? I can sell ads for station - and schedule campaigns. I use Streamlicensing for royalty payment, and every month they want a revenue report. Is this better a question for them? One...
  2. F

    Selling Radio Station!

    Hi! After a few years, my radio station has thrived, but i have lost the ability to keep on jamming. But i promised my listeners i would keep the station alive, so i decided after a while to sell it. I would like you to keep playing music. We can agree on a price. You will be recieveing the...
  3. R

    It's Me Live Streaming App

    Hey there, We like to share good stuff when it comes along...this is an independent contractor style opportunity. We're working with the US arm of the It's Me livestreaming video app: There are opportunities for broadcasters: And...