1. P

    Wanted - Disco/Party Show

    Hi There, Here at Pure Beat Radio we are looking for a DJ to provide entertainment on a Saturday evening (times can be discussed) to start our prime time slot supplying the best in party/dance anthems for a Saturday night show. Pre recorded is best but live is even better! Just comment below...
  2. D

    Looking for Pre Recorded Show

    New Station looking for pre recorded shows. Looking for things for top 40, 90s and 80s. we have Saturday dedicated to the 80s, Sunday to the 90s and a Friday night mix show for edm, and top 40. if interested in learning more and getting your show on the air please email @
  3. Toby Gribben

    DJ/Presenter looking for station (No Longer Looking)

    Hello there, I am looking to present a 1 or 2 hour pre-recorded show on an online radio station. If you are interested, please reply :D